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Is Hiring a Professional Cleaner Good For Your Mental Health??

Have you considered hiring a professional cleaner? Do you carry guilt about needing help? You're not alone!

" 'That feeling isn't unusual,' Ashley Whillans, assistant professor at Harvard Business School tells NBC News BETTER. Her research into how people navigate trade-offs between time and money has shown that people who spend money to save time are happier than those who spend it on material goods, significantly happier. But very few people – as in two percent, in an experiment — would actually spend a windfall on a time saver. But why? Blame that nagging guilty feeling. In ongoing research 'we find that guilt really does undermine consumer likelihood of buying time — and the benefit you get from buying it,' Whillans says."

(excerpt from: written by Dana McMahan)

But what do we do about that guilt? How do we overcome it, take the plunge and hire the help we need. First things first, we need to start by re-framing our thoughts and approaching the topic from a different angle.

When you think about the "type" of person that hires a professional service to help them maintain their home, what do you see? Rich people? People with big houses and multiple cars? High end professionals with money to burn? Unfortunately the middle class has been conditioned throughout history to feel that we should be able to take care of everything on our own, I mean after all, who the h*** do we think we are needing help to clean our homes, mind our children or run our errands?!?! The nerve!!!

STOP! Think about history and where the idea that we should be able to manage it all came from. Until the feminist movement in the 1960's, most women didn't work outside the home, their only role was to mind the children and tend the home, which in itself is a more than full time role! Now look at what we do today... not only are we expected to maintain a home, raise our children (without letting it interfere in our jobs), and run the errands. BUT we should also work full time to build a meaningful career.

And let's not forget to fit in time for "self-care" and mental health. There just aren't enough hours in a day! And where does that leave you at the end of every day, week, month? Frustrated, stressed and unable to relax in the one place that should be your oasis, not your burden.

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Let's unpack a few things from above, we'll start with Self-Care.

What is self-care?

Well, the internet and its "experts" would have us believe it revolves specifically around physical acts, things like Yoga, Pilates, and meditation, but in today's world it can add stress to try and carve out time for the activities that could benefit us the most. Taking that into consideration, could hiring a professional cleaning service to help you, thereby freeing time for you to do anything else you see as valuable with your time be a form of self-care? I say... YES!!

I also mentioned stress and frustration. Picture it, you've worked all day run around to multiple extra-curricular activities for the kids, you come home and the house is a mess. You're already stressed and now you're frustrated, you still have dinner to prepare, homework to tend to, and bed-time routines to handle... that is the picture of NOPE!

(Photo Source:, article by: Brian Noe)

Now picture this: You've worked all day, run around after the kids and their umpteen activities. You finally make it home, open the front door and step into... A CLEAN HOUSE!!! It smells amazing! Surfaces gleam as you flit through your home, breathing deeply and flipping on switches and making your way to your disinfected ready to use kitchen. Sure you still have dinner to make, homework to tend to, and bed-time routines but, with no mess staring you in the face you are left with time to focus on and enjoy those routines. You breath easier knowing your only task after the kids are in bed is to tidy and maybe wash a few dishes. Realizing there are no more bathrooms after dark, no more squeezing in a quick vacuum before you head to work, no more spending 4-6 hours cleaning your weekend away.

(Photo Source:, article by: Brian Noe)

"OK, I see your points and that's all fine, but I still feel guilty."

Fine then, let's take a look at some of the thoughts that guilt throws our way and how we should really be looking at those evil little thoughts:

1) I should be the one to clean my house...

Really?? Says who?! There is no hard rule on this, it is not a law anywhere. Our lives are busier now than ever before, between family, professional & social commitments it gets harder and harder to fit chores into your schedule, so... you let it slide. After all, you'll have more time tomorrow, right? Wrong! Every day has the same number of hours, if there was too much on your plate today, there is likely going to be even more on it tomorrow. In addition more people than ever are now working from home, to which a dirt, mess and clutter pose even further challenges with focus and stress levels, it creates a distraction during times you should be working and pulls you away from tasks that are just as important as cleaning. Ultimately costing you money.

And honestly, unless you live alone, you are not the only one responsible for making the mess! Now, don't get me wrong, I'm sure there must be many spouses and children out there that happily pitch in without being asked and with a smile on their face, (though in my experience they are more mythical than real) but what if you don't live with one of these fabled creatures? You become a fabled creature yourself! The Dreaded Nag... which only leads down a dark path...

Double C Cleaning Services offers a range of schedules and services to help fit your schedule and budget. And avoid the Dreaded Nag!!

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2) My mom did it, why can't I?

UGH! This is one I guilt myself with often, you see my mom just seemed to have it all together, and everything was always looked after. But there are three things I need to remind myself of, first, she was a Stay At Home Mom until I was 15 years old. She didn't have to worry about working a job or building a career, alongside raising her kids and keeping the house (that is NOT to say that she wasn't run off her feet busy with managing schooling and extra curricular activities for five girls, just to say that she could focus on our stuff and not have to add a job to her thoughts). By the time she did add a career to her plate, we were all school age and were expected to pitch in more. And second, she had kids, she made us help. She did the heavy lifting yes, but we had to learn to help too. Third, to me she was Super Mom and let's face it, we can't all earn the cape. Even without a child in the home now, I still struggle to keep it all together!

Double C Cleaning Services is proud to help give time back to families by providing quality house cleaning services to Airdrie, Cochrane & surrounding areas.

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3) Only well-off people hire cleaners.

Yes, at one time, this was generally the case. But more and more "average" people are hiring help to maintain their home. There are cleaning companies out there to fit every budget, if you can't afford weekly, you can book biweekly or monthly services. At the very least, I recommend a once per year deep clean should be completed to get to all of the nooks and crannies that are generally overlooked or simply avoided while cleaning our own homes.

Double C Cleaning Services offers multiple house cleaning packages, we are happy to work with you to ensure your budgeting & cleaning needs are met.

Still feeling guilty???

Here are a few other benefits to hiring help when you need it...

  • Manage allergens, germs, bacterial growth, mold, fungi, and any other number of nasty microscopic creatures that cause illness, allergies, asthma and all sorts of other icky things.

  • Protect at-risk family members. A regular cleaning schedule completed by professional cleaners helps to protect family members with sensitive health conditions, including those that are immunocompromised, have asthma or those with allergies.

  • Generally more hygienic - let's face it, unless you're willing to invest time in research and learning the proper methods that the pros use, they know how to do it better. A pro knows what cleaners to use where for your absolute best results. Their equipment and supplies have been researched and they have a set system to ensure quality and efficiency in your services.

  • Future Savings - a well maintained home that receives regular cleaning and deep cleaning lasts longer, there are generally fewer repairs needed along the way, and when there are things that need attention, there is someone doing a regular check of the home to let you know.

And because I can't say it enough...


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