Covid-19 Safety Measures

Double C Cleaning Services takes your safety and ours seriously. In the new times we face, Double C has begun to enact PPE precautions and some disinfection services. 

Technician PPE

Non-medical mask

Rubber Gloves

Shoe Coverings

Precautionary Steps - What to expect when we arrive

What can you expect upon our arrival to your home or business? 

Upon arriving we will park, your Lead Technician will text you notification of our arrival, then attend to disinfecting all of our supplies and equipment, as well as our hands prior to entering your location. We will then ensure our mask is properly worn and come to your entryway. 

Upon entry, we ask that if your location is occupied by others during your service, that you clear the front area to allow for safe physical distancing during entry. 

We will remove our outdoor shoes outside of your front door, and enter, put on our indoor footwear and shoe covers. 

Once complete, we will proceed to wash out hands and put on our rubber gloves, then disinfect the gloves. Gloves will then be disinfected between rooms to avoid in house     cross-contamination)

Then we're ready to clean!

* For our safety and yours, in occupied locations, our technicians will only work in unoccupied areas or areas where physical distancing can safely be maintained.

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